For Sellers

Selling your home can be an emotionally draining experience as well as one of your largest financial decisions, therefore it is critical to work with an experienced, professional agent. Visit my On-Line Marketing Proposal to see how I can work for you or use my Moving Checklist for last minute details.

On Line Marketing Proposal

I assure you working with me, you will be working with a professional. I will always work in your best interest. The following is a summary of actions I will take to market your home OR click here for an on line marketing proposal:

»   Develop a strategy for generating the largest possible pool of potential buyers
»   Advertise property on office schedule Go to Moving Checklist
»   Arrange Sales Associate home tour
»   Contact neighbors
»   Develop a flyer/brochure
»   Feature property on PruCal web site and a printable flyer off this web site
»   Hold open house
»   Install a lock box
»   Order a "FOR SALE" sign
»   Submit home to the MLS
»   Word of mouth
»   Promote property home at the appropriate Association(s) of Realtors

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